Storage Locations


  1. Remove all food and perishables from all furniture, appliances and boxes BEFORE placing them in the storage unit

  2. Where possible, use protective covers and oil all wood furniture before storing.

  3. Store small items like pots and pans in large appliances like refrigerators.

  4. Prop furniture doors slightly open for safety.

  5. Use mattress covers and, where possible, store mattresses flat on a level surface.

  6. Use trash cans to store long items like shovels, rakes and hoes.

  7. When storing lawn mowers, etc. drain any fluids to prevent corrosion.

  8. Use drawers to store delicate items. Wrap in bubble wrap or newspaper for added protection.

  9. When storing clothing or delicate glass items, use specially constructed boxes like wardrobe boxes and boxes with dividers.Break down large items with legs (like dining tables) and store on end to save space. Store sofas on end for the same reason.

  10. DO NOT USE EXCESSIVELY LARGE BOXES OR OVERFILL BOXES. Many moving injuries occur from trying to carry large, heavy boxes.

  11. Please do not store combustible items like paint and chemicals, and make sure all food items are permanently sealed.

  12. BE SURE TO PACK ITEMS YOU ARE LIKELY TO NEED IN FRONT – NEAR THE DOOR to avoid having to move furniture to get to clothing or personal items.