Storage Locations


A critical part of business storage is planning and obtaining the amount of space you’ll need, both now and in the future.  Remember that storage is significantly less costly than office space, so a few extra feet for aisles and access are well worth it – when you’re searching for a specific piece of inventory or box of records. 

Truck rentals available at most locations to make storing easier. 

Store Excess Furniture, Equipment & Business Records:

1.         Store samples & literature, business records and other ‘long term’ items away from the office.  Free up extra space to run your business & make money.

2.         Mark boxes legibly with the contents & include dates on business records (contracts, payroll records, receipts, etc).

3.         In large units, leave an aisle-way to allow access to the rear portion of the unit.

4.         Stack boxes no more than 4-5 feet high, to avoid the storage boxes from crumbling and spewing records all over the unit.

5.         Cover furniture, computers & business machines to protect them from dust.

6.         Consider using shelving units when managing a large volume of records.

Warehouse Additional Inventory & Seasonal Fixtures:

1.         Deliveries accepted right into your unit – with your written approval.

2.         Storage costs significantly less than space in your store or office.

3.         Eliminate expensive warehouse space that you only use occasionally.

4.         Take advantage of volume discounts, dating and extended payment terms.

5.         Drive up units make for easy loading and unloading.

6.         Add an extra unit to expand your inventory for the peak selling season.

For Contractors, Landscapers, etc.:

1.         Park trucks, trailers & equipment in our secured storage units or yard – rather than outside in your employees’ driveway or yards.

2.         Protect your equipment & materials from theft by keeping them locked up.

3.         Insure limited access to your tools and equipment.

4.         Easy 24/7 ACCESS IS AVAILABLE for our business clients.